Case File 001

Superwoman - Superheroine Hypnosis

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29 mins


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Superwoman - Superheroine Hypnosis

A powerful businessman invites the young Superwoman to one of his apartments. She thinks it is to talk about the local community: but he has other plan. The businessman is in fact an evil hypnotist, and he's hell-bent on getting the young heroine under his control. After placing her under a trance, another young superheroine, Miss Power, is undressing in her small place the other side of town. After changing into her skin tight outfit, she too ends up at the evil hypnotist's apartment. But the evil pervert wants to have some fun first, and so allows the teenage Superwoman to have some fun by pinning the busty Miss Power down and forces herself on - and inside - her. The mighty Miss Power tries to escape, but as they both kiss and Superwoman goes down on the busty Miss Power, she finds she likes it too much Nearly 30 minutes of one of the sexiest superheroine films you'll ever see. Kissing, licking, 69, fingers, and more. There superheroines are dirty and just want to explore!

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