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Superwoman - Superheroine Serum

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23 mins


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Superwoman - Superheroine Serum

The day that a man is released from prison, he starts planning his revenge. Guided by his faithful girlfriend, the two devise a plan to kill the might superheroine: Superwoman.Luring her into a trap, Superwoman is weakened by a strange Millennium Diamond which renders her helpless. Tied up in chains like a piece of meat, the young Superwoman is then tortured with a mix of pleasure and pain by man's stunning young girlfriend.Can Superwoman withstand the dildo laced with poison, and prevent herself from cumming as the brunette girlfriend orally pleasures her? And to what end is this for? What does the girlfriend get to gain by taking out such revenge on her boyfriend's nemesis? You'll just have to download and find out! Nearly 24 minutes of one of the sexiest superheroine films you'll ever see. Kissing, licking, dildo action, fingers, and more.

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