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Superwoman - Cosplay Fan

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16 mins


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Superwoman - Cosplay Fan

Gorgeous cosplayer Jasmine gets to meet her idol, the incredible Wonder Babe. Alone backstage at the event, it’s clear that Wonder Babe lusts after the young naive cosplayer and asserts her power over the girl by asking her suggestive questions about her costume before fondling her and making her dance whilst she watches. Clearly distressed and feeling uncomfortable in being taken advantage by the powerful woman, the cosplayer succumbs to the mighty Wonder Babe, and then starts to enjoy the attention from her. This movie doesn’t contain peril - Wonder Babe takes advantage of the Supergirl cosplayer by asserting her power over her, but there are no ropes, physical distress or hard girl/girl. This movie is about a powerful superheroine taking advantage of a young cosplayer and forcing her to kiss and fondle her. WARNING - This movie is 1280x720, but is letterboxed on the left and right because unfortunately the movie was accidentally shot in 4:3. #idiot

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